Sheboygan Parent Network helping parents communicate to keep our children safe.

About Us

The Sheboygan Parent Network is a parent driven organization. The Parent Committee is Co-Chaired by Laurie Cassidy and Karen Grupe, who both have children at Sheboygan North High School. Phil Duket, a parent at Sheboygan South High School and the Chair of Healthy Sheboygan County 2020 AODA Committee brings a great deal of professional and first hand expertise to the group. Leslie Laster and Jeanna Goodman, Sheboygan Area School District ATOD Prevention Facilitators, work closely with the group.

The funding for the initial start up of the Sheboygan Parent Network website was obtained through a grant received by the Sheboygan Area School District from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

The goal of the network is to provide all Sheboygan County parents with the opportunity to join our network. To be included simply visit our Commitment page.