Sheboygan Parent Network helping parents communicate to keep our children safe.
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Communication Among Parents

The goal of the Sheboygan Parent Network is to build a communication network among the parents of Sheboygan County students. We aim to reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs and foster a positive social environment for Sheboygan County youth.

All families in Sheboygan County are invited to make the Commitment. To join now, simply complete the online Commitment form or print the PDF and mail it to us. The Directory is available to all parents who make the Commitment.

The Fall 2009 Directory is the first directory that the network is providing. Sheboygan North and South High Schools are including information and commitment sign up forms in their registration materials for Fall of 2009. There will be a box at registration to drop off completed sign up forms. Additional forms can be obtained at registration or on the Commitment page. In 2010 the Sheboygan Parent Network will roll this program into other schools in Sheboygan County.